The Sargentina Trophy was presented by Scott and Perry Sargentina in memory of their father.
It is played for anually between HSOB Keiths and Christchurch Canardlys as a pre season trophy game.

1998 won by HSOB
1999 won by HSOB
2000 won by HSOB
2001 won by Christchurch
2002 won by Christchurch
2003 won by HSOB
2004 won by Christchurch
2005 won by Christchurch
2006 won by HSOB
2007 won by HSOB
2008 won by HSOB
2009 retained by HSOB *
2010 retained by HSOB *
2011 retained by HSOB *
2012 retained by HSOB *
2013 won by HSOB #
2014 won by HSOB
2015 won by Christchurch
2016 won by HSOB
2017 won by HSOB

* No pre-season match played
# Indicates start of new rules. Competition games instead of pre-season.

New Rules as agreed to March 2014

Now played for every time we meet during the season (including the Final if we both happen to be appearing).
The current holders must bring the Trophy to the first match to be presented to the wining team who will then bring it to the next match to be played for etc.
If the match is a draw, then the holders at the time shall remain holders.

Details of the change can be seen here