Keith vs Shirley - 17th June 2006
Burwood 2 2-45pm

Team List
Berendan BELESKY
Darryl BURKE

Barrie GIBBS
Brendyn LAWSON

5-0, 10-0, 12-0, 12-5, 12-7, 12-12, 17-12, 22-12, 27-12, 29-12, 29-17, 34-17, 39-17, 41-17, 41-22

Tries to Peter MARSHALL, Brendan BELESKY, Kris CURRIE, Johnny LUXTON, Greg BROWN, Eddie NORGATE, Brendyn LAWSON
Conv to Brendan BELESKY (3)

Late Fines
Isaac, Johnny, Gus, Swede, Lars, Tai

Player of the Day - Darryl BURKE *

1st Half
A cracking start with Unit accidentally making a double movement over the line to deny the try after only 30 seconds play. Sandy says it's the same thing after the game as well. Muncher got smacked in the jaw at the same time as Oscar got hit high. A trend starting? Ian took exception to that and we got penalised for his concern for his team mates. But the driving pressure and intensity is lovely to watch.

Keeping our heads while Shirley were loosing theirs kept us at the try line as did the pressure by the forwards enabling Ping to drive over leaving Chilli to cough the conversion.
The pressure dropped a bit as the points arrived and things settled down somewhat. After a not straight throw by Shirley, Revvy powered through and the ball was cycled out to Chilli who according to Ngaire, was a bit queer, as he ran straight (for once) to score and then convert. Darryl finally got some agression going and a lovely knock on slowed things down close to our line. Composure wins the day boys.

Some indecision by Gus, and Shirley snaffled the ball and ran all the way through us to score. Revvy took a high tackle well and survived. Muncher is doing very well on both our, and their throw ins at the line, but the Skitteries counldn't finish his good work.
* Scribble in my notes didn't make any sense at this point, so I wont try to remember what it's supposed to say *
Unit's shoulder charge seemed ineffective, and SHirley put on some good pressure with backs responding well. For a bit. Then Shirley seemed to counter the backs defence. To score. Shirley resorting to punching when we put the pressure on.
Phil kicking the ball backwards to Rob didn't seem to be the tactical error we thought it was at first. Muncher took on the whole backline himself to dot down at half time.

2nd Half
Isaac took a ball in the guts and yet managed to pass it on to Lars who scooted through and and passed to Johnny who scored. Just like that. Rob got a dodgy pass off to Johnny but somehow got a smack in the head for his troubles and the blood flowed (lots of stitches later).
R2D2 scores! Unit took a huge pass from Muncher at the 10 metre line and ran through and around the opposition to eventally fall ove rthe try line. OMG!
Invisible knock ons by Shirley but highly visable ones by us. Or so the ref thinks. Shirley put on good pressure but counteracted well by Keith. Muncher (who's getting more than his fair share of mentions here) looked like a deer caught in headlights and let Shirley through to score. Lars burst through like the teflon coated boy he is to put Eddie in position to slide over for 5. That's 2 for the teachers today.

A 'dirty bastard' hit Revvy right in the back of the head but he proved he's a good man in a punch up. But it cost them both 10 in the bin. Was getting so cold my nips were very hard and sore.

Sonic took some hard tackles and then a quick throw to Baz who sucked in more than his fair share of opposition. Lars once again bursting through to score under the posts. Chilli to convert. Swede got greedy and held onto the ball. darryl took revenge on his critics by standing strong. Slack play led to end to end try by Shirley and then my hands became too cold to right any more.

Injury list - Unit - dislocated finger bones, Ian - bruised ribs, Rob - lots of blood and stitches to face.

Photographs are here