Keith vs Christchurch Canardlys - Friday 24th March 2006

Final Score 15-12

After a dismal turnout the previous week at he tri-series with Diamon Harbour and Linwood, we were able to actually muster a team with 3 or 4 reserves for this, our biggest pre-season challange yet.

From the word go, Keith played like we've been playing together for years, even with several new boys, especially in the back line, coming together nicely.
Webby made a guest appearance on the paddock (and at the pub later) and the game also announced the return to playing status of Oscar after his shoulder operation last season.

Lars and Uli have done some homework in sorting out positional play and for a change, things magically came together and made watching Keith rugby great again.

Johnny outpaced his opposite, Webby outsidestepped his attackers, Piez outmuscled some fat bastard, and the rest of the lads played like the serious contenders they truely are.

So, we ate their sausages, drunk their beer, and took back our trophy and made merry during the rest of the evening and into the morning.

Photographs are here