Keith Charter

This Charter is Copyrighted to the Keith Rugby Team , so if you wish to use or adapt it in any way, please e-mail for permission.

This Charter is Divided into several sections, of which each deals with a separate area of Keith Life.
Preamble | Procedure | Rulings | Fine Particulars | Administration

1.1 Whereas This document shall come into being, and be known and become a Charter between the Christchurch High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club (Inc) "Keiths" and each individual signatory below.
1.2 The Purpose and aims of this Charter shall be the Promotion of Rugby Union Football, within the boundaries set by any or all administering bodies or organizations of Rugby Union Football.
1.3 To Further the skill, expertise and experience of Players, and to, enhance any traits that The Player may have, and to diminish and repel any or all unwanted habitual detrimental traits.
1.4 Keiths Shall be defined into Two different but equal categories, with none above any other in position of import.
1.4.1 Former Keith Greats
Former Keith Greats are Keiths who have retired from playing Rugby Union Football in an active manner. This Title applies whether or not that Keith is a regular supporter of the Keiths or no.
1.4.2 New Boy
New Boys are Keiths who are in their first season with the Christchurch High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club (Inc) "Keiths" and are actively playing Rugby Union Football. Keiths Or Former Keith Greats who have returned to actively playing Rugby Union Football after at least one season of not playing Rugby Union Football for the Keiths shall also come under the category of New Boy. It Is also deemed that Keiths who leave the boundaries of the Dominion of New Zealand, as set by the New Zealand Government, for any period of time what so ever, for any reason what so ever, except for the purpose of Furthering the Promotion of Keith to the uninitiated overseas or on an Official Keith Trip, shall be decreed New Boys upon their return to New Zealand if they choose to continue playing Rugby Union Football.
1.4.3 It Shall be noted that the Title Keith is applicable to all Former Keith Greats and New Boys alike as well as all current Playing and Non-Playing Keiths without distinction.
2.1 The Ideals of the Keiths are infallible on questions of any general nature, but any Player may, at such time as the Keiths controlling body so dictates to be appropriate, make submissions to the The Keiths regarding any Ideological removals, additions, conclusions or amendments.
2.1.1 Any Article may be removed from this Charter by Decree of the Controling Body at any time during the period from the day of the first competition game to one day after the final competition game.
2.1.2 Any Article which has been removed cannot then be reinstated until two full seasons have elapsed.
2.2 Any And all decisions of the Controling Body are final and cannot be commuted to anything else.
2.3 In The absence of the Fine Master, a panel of Three (3) Keiths, two (2) of which shall be either the Manager, Captain or Vice Captain, shall be convened to decide the appropriate ruling. The third panelist shall be nominated by the submitting Keith.
2.4 Any Decision they make regarding the matter is deemed to be final and incommutable. A decision may be made to refer the matter to the Fine Master upon his return from absentia.
2.6 It shall be required, on completion of his first competition game for the Keiths, that every New Boy shall present to the Keiths at the Christchurch High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club (Inc) Clubrooms, five (5) jugs (or equivalent) of beer for consumption.
2.6.1 In The event that a New Boy scores on his debut competition game, he shall, in addition to his five (5) jug presentation, either present a further five (5) jugs (or equivalent) of beer, or consume in the normal Keith manner one (1) full jug of beer. The Time of the jug scull shall not be recorded for the purposes of Player of the Day records.
2.6.2 In The event that a New Boy on his debut is also selected Player of the Day, his five (5) jug (or equivalent) presentation shall be postponed until his next competition game. The same applies to debut scoring presentations or consumptions if applicable. Any New Boy, at his own judgement, may decline to adhere to the conditions of article 2.6.2 if he so wishes. This is granted only on the advice of the Fine Master and requires his forthright consent. The New Boy in question shall then, adhere to articles 2.6, 2.6.1,,, 2.7, 2.7.1, 2.8 and 2.9. Invocation Of article shall mean that the Player of the Day jug scull shall be completed on the same day as any jug scull required by article 2.6.1
2.7 A Player of the Day shall be selected for every competition game from the list of financial Keiths, Players and Non-Players, and he shall present to The Keiths fifteen (15) jugs (or equivalent) of beer for consumption.
2.7.1 One Of those jugs shall be reserved for the Player of the Day to complete a jug scull in the normal Keith manner if desired.
2.7.2 The Manager shall be responsible for the recording of times for jug sculls, and shall make them available from time to time.
2.7.3 Each Financial Keith, Player or Non-Player, shall become a Player of the Day once in a season. There may be more than one Player of the Day per competition game.
2.8 Keiths Who fall under the category of New Boy, (see articles & are not exempt from their duties under articles 2.6, 2.6.1, and 2.6.2.
2.9 Articles Numbered 2.6 through to 2.8 cannot be appealed under any circumstances except in Life Threatening cases.
3.1 The Administration of Keith Rules shall be deposited with the Fine Master for his control and supervision thereof. The Fine Master is subject to and bound by all Keith Rules and Decisions.
3.2 The Fine Master shall at all times keep safe an accurate record of Fines and shall periodically make public those Fines in a manner of his choosing.
3.3 Fines Shall not be imposed before the First Competition Game of the new season, and shall cease one (1) day after the Concluding Game of the same season.
3.4 During The season interval, fines issued are to be restricted to certain days and times.
3.4.1 Training Nights, from the commencement of practice, until the close of business, or until the Fine Master leaves the premises, of the Established Drinking House of the Keiths.
3.4.2 Saturday, Or other Game Day, from forty five (45) minutes before the scheduled Game Kick Off, till the end of any Club, Keith or Social Function that the Keiths are attending, or until the Fine Master has left the Official Premises for the evening.
3.5 Fines Issued by the Fine Master shall be payable immediately the infringement is recorded and/or when the appropriate Keith is notified.
3.6 Disputes Arising from Fines issued by the Fine Master are to be dealt with as described in articles 2.1 to 2.5.
3.7 Any Keith may accuse any other Keith of a Finable Offence provided that the Fine Master faithfully records the Fine not less than forty eight (48) hours later.
3.7.1 It Shall be the responsibility of the Accusing Keith to see that the fine is recorded.
3.7.2 The Fine imposed may not exceed normal Keith Fines or common decency.
Fine Particulars
4.1 Fines shall be imposed within the rules for the following offences:-
4.1.1 Lateness
It shall be an offence for any Keith to arrive at a Game Venue or prearranged meeting place after forty five (45) minutes before Scheduled Game Kick Off has passed.
4.1.2 No Keith Apparel
It shall be an offence for any Keith to appear at the Club on a Game Day after the Match has been completed, without Official Issued Keith Apparel being visible on his person for any period of time what so ever.
4.1.3 Kicking
It shall be an offence for any Keith Forward, on a Game Day, on the Field of Play, to kick the Rugby Ball for any reason what so ever; whether or not that Forward is regularly or not regularly a Forward, in the starting line up or a reserve player. This ruling includes regular Backs who have been seconded for what ever reason, for how ever length of time, into the Forward pack.
4.1.4 Misuse of Beer
It shall be an offence for any Keith to misuse beer for any purpose except for fulfilling Fine Master Fines or for the purpose of Fire Fighting.
4.1.5 Swearing
It shall be an offence for any Keith to Swear or to use disdainful language in front of Ladies at any time within set Fine limits. If the Lady or Ladies in question have no objection to the language used, it is of no consequence. An apology must immediately be made to all within earshot of the offensive language.
4.1.6 Lying
It shall be an offence for any Keith to Lie to a Fellow Keith for any reason what so ever, no matter how much import is to be placed on the lie or no.
4.1.7 Skiting
It shall be an offence for any Keith to Skite in any manner at all, for any reason what so ever. Appeal Decisions for this fine may be made in accordance with article 3.6 or, if so desired, by means of a Kookaburra Call, with no less than five (5) Keiths in judgement.
4.2 There Shall on occasion be grounds for issuing fines not covered in this document. These Fines must be specific in nature and not of a frivolous nature. No precedent need to have occurred for the fine to be a valid fine, nor can that excuse be made to dispute said fine (see article 3.6).
4.3 Fines Which have already been issued and the culprit fined and punishment issued and accepted, cannot be brought again for issue by the Fine Master, nor can they be used against that particular, or any other Keith at Court during the Keith Trip. Disputed Fines where Fine Master Decisions have not yet been reached, are also similarly exempt from double punishment at Court Sessions.
4.4 Court Session Rules are to be made and policed by the Judging Panel at the occasion of each Individual Court Session. Court Rules may be changed from year to year as required or desired by the Judging Panel.
4.5 There Shall be a Court Session at least once a year, and if possible, shall be held during the occasion of the Keith Trip.
4.6 Fine Master Fines which have been successfully appealed, cannot be then imposed upon the Fine Master as retribution. The Fine Master can be fined only for valid offences which he himself commits (see article 3.1).
4.7 Private Wagers between Keiths in which the resulting bet is in dispute, shall be decided only by the Fine Master. If the Fine Master is personally involved in the dispute, the Manager and one (1) other Keith shall rule.
4.7.1 Disputed Wagers between a Keith or Keiths & a Non-Keith or Non-Keiths which are in dispute, shall not fall under any article of this Charter, and shall be solved in their own private manner.
5.1 An Administrative body shall be chosen by secret ballot, or as otherwise voted upon, to serve the Keith Need before the beginning of every Keith Season.
5.2 It Shall be composed of:-
5.2.1 Committee
A Committee duly elected by the rules of the previous committee; and which shall be composed of Keith Members as required by necessity to fulfill the Keith Need. No Enumeration shall be granted to any Keith Member for any reason except for the sole purpose of reimbursement of duly authorized expenditure for items required for the Keith Need.
5.2.2 Clothing Committee
A Committee shall be formed to investigate and to purchase, if required, any and all Official Keith Apparel Items for use by Keith Members. This committee may be composed of in part, or in it's entirety of members of the General Keith Committee.
5.3 A Financial position may be operated for, and on behalf of the Keith Rugby Team. Strict accounting is to be in force at all times.
5.4 Sponsorship May be obtained if required or desired. Normal accounting procedures are to be maintained at all times.
5.5 All Keiths are to be current financial members of the Christchurch High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club (Inc) and are required to also become financial contributors to the Keith Rugby Team Fund. This ruling applies to Players and to Non-Players alike. Any Keith who does not wish to become a financial club member shall not be entitled to any Official Keith Apparel or Official Keith Merchandising unless full cost, as set by the Committee, or any other surcharge is paid.
5.6 All Keiths are equal in the eyes of the Law.
5.6.1 Any Keith shall be able to, at his own discretion and judgement, remove his name from the list of Keiths and disavow himself from being Keithly if he so wishes.
5.7 By Agreeing to the Terms of this Charter, as signed below, All Keiths shall be Keithly.
5.8 Keith Signatures
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5.9 Provision Is made for further Signatories.
5.10 Signed For and on behalf of the Christchurch High School Old Boys' Rugby Football Club (Inc) by the Administration and Marketing Officer as a sign of the Clubs' acceptance of the principles expressed in this Charter, and the Clubs' willingness to help promote the Importance of Rugby Union Football in our Society.
  Ian W Gregg   21/2/97
6.0 This Charter is to be made available to any Keith or to any Future Keith.

This Charter is an evolving document, and is periodically updated and changed as and when necessary

This Charter is Copyrighted to the Keith Rugby Team, so if you wish to use or adapt it in any way, please e-mail for permission.

The Charter is available as a PDF document.