Keith vs Linwood Bollocks - 31st March 2007
Bromley 2 2-30pm

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Was an incredibly hot afternoon for our first pre-season match of 2007 (and only match it turns out) so we had an attitude of lets just have fun and not to bust our guts trying to prove anything. We did prove to ourselves, or those watching from the sidelines anyway, that our age old policy of bringing in New Boys is the best thing since sliced bread. While a lot of the older heads were huffing and puffing, the New Boys ran around all day.
Unfortunately our shortage of props meant that we had to play golden oldies scrum even if Daz (back from Auckland) didn't realise and was pushing for all he was worth. So if you're a prop and reading this, make yourself available for the 14th April.
We weren't keeping score for the game, but we ended up going down 4 tries to 5. A very credible effort against a traditionally hard and well drilled foe.
Have a great easter holiday and we'll look forward to seeing you again on the paddock soon.

Photographs are here