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Thursday, 5th October 2017   


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   Saturday, 02 May 2009
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and then Wankers couldn't handle that experience. We had them in the backs, we had them in the forwards and we had them on the sideline. We also had them back in the clubrooms as only two of them were brave enough to turn up and share some beers and some banter.
Now i mentioned it last week, and Trouty mentioned it right before the game today, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a visable focus on the game at hand. But clearly it's an individual mind thing and it seems to be working. I guess us Old Coves aren't geared up for the modern ways.

Toad, congratulations. 200 club games. The Keiths and the Richard Craniums have had an exceptional midfielder and part time front rower and we look forward to many more seasons with you. Congratulations too to Webby with 100 games. Equally important to our game plan and equally welcome back after side trips across town. Or to the country:-)

I was very impressed again with the way the forwads gave the backs plenty of good solid ball for wingers to do their business with and it was nice to see the backs getting their

heads stuck in to some rucks and mauls. New Boys again showing their skill and welcome to Oliver and Justin.

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   Friday, 01 May 2009
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The Keith message board is open to all visitors to the web site and is a service that I think is useful, as Oscar and others have enjoyed to send a quick message to their former team mates. It's intented use is not to abuse other Keiths, impersonate dead people, other people or condone the killing of police officers.

There are no provisions for freedom of speech (as you claimed) in the New Zealand Bill of Rights, so before making such claims, find out some facts.

Messages of that nature will be removed and the I.P. address banned. I do not distinguish between current players, former players or visitors to the site. If you feel the need to object or discuss things currently in the news or about former team/club members, pay for an ad in the newspaper instead of using this rugby web site.


   Saturday, 25 April 2009
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For in the beginning there was nothing. No urgency, no desire, no special plan to assassinate Dog and neither was there a commitment that overwhelmed those looking on. Or so it all seemed. Now, I wasn't at training, nor was I out on the piss untill the early hours of Friday morning like some, so I don't know what went down, but I'm beginning to suspect that this 'let's be as casual as all hell and not do anything to get us all excited' training plan seems to have worked.
18 minutes for Linwood to score their first points, and a penalty at that, is almost unheard of. What makes this particular game, for me, as a very longstading Keith, was the the non hysteria when we were down on points, the lack of negativity when the refs decisions didn't go our way, the positive attitude about supporting our team mates and the quiet and simple knowledge that we were going to beat a team that has beaten us every game for the last 15 (except for a draw that one time).
The response after beating Belfast last week was more exuberant and I'm thinking we are now getting into the

right mindset about playing our footy. Stick to the plan, have fun, and do what comes naturally.
Obviously there are New Boys and Old Coves and a vast mix of experience levels in the team this season, but from what I've seen so far, a core seems to be developing. Not like times gone, of favourites, but of those who want to play, want to train and want to have some fun.
I'm feeling very heartened by the start of this 2009 Keith season.

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   Saturday, 18 April 2009
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After arriving at the Club, we found there'd been a small coup d'etat involving the womens team, the club manager and our traditional chaging shed. Time will tell if it's yet to be a bloodless one.
A seemingly dire shortage of reserves made things either easy or difficult for the selection panel depending on their perspective, but a strong team set out aided by several New Boys who, as expected, proved mighty fine additions to the team. So welcome to Hayden, Matty, Matt, Josh, Gaz and Dean.

The usual Belfast / Keith game. Up and down the field with forwards running into forwards and back running into backs and hardly anyone crossing the line. We seemed to have a few problems gelling but once they said we were 'soft' in the scrums we had it over them. Muncher came back out of hiding and surprisingly lasted almost all of the game. He even protected his honour and got into a girly scrap with a big bad man but as expected, nothing much came of it.
Wardy played his guts out as usual, and made an effort to get changed out of his gear before going to the clubrooms. Not a particularly strong effort,

but an effort still the same. Disappointing to see that the first game not everyone returned to the clubrooms afterwards, but we know who you are and where you live.
Keep up the enthusiasm for the Bollocks next week, and don't forget, if you can't get to training on Thursday, contact Phil.

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   Wednesday, 08 April 2009
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CLASSICS (8 teams)

The teams to play in Classics grade in 2009 are:
Belfast, Christchurch, HSOB K, Linwood, Marist Albion, Shirley, Sumner, and Sydenham.


Competition to commence on Saturday 18th April.
We have allocated potentially two reserve days for this grade.
In the event of matches being rained off reserve days will become playing days.
No points will be awarded for any round cancelled.

1.1 Double round robin commencing 18th April and concluding 25th July. Round one includes a reserve day which if not required will be the weekend following completion of this round robin namely 6th June.

The winner being the team with the highest points for the double round robin to receive the Classic Pennant.
In the event of a tie in competition points for this round the Pennant will be shared.

At the conclusion of the double round robin, teams will be split into two sections based on standings from round robin

Championship – top 4 teams 1, 2 3, 4
Plate – bottom 4 teams 5, 6, 7 & 8

1.2 Championship Trophy
The top 4 teams will play a round robin, commencing 8th August and concluding 22nd August and top two teams to play final on 29th August.
There will be no play off for third and fourth.


winner will receive the Championship Trophy.

1.3 Championship Plate
The bottom 4 teams will play a round robin commencing 8th August and concluding 22nd August and the top two teams play a final on 29th August.
There will be no play off for seventh and eighth.

The winner will receive the Championship Plate.

To determine the finishing order at the end of each round robin the following formula will apply:

2.1 Competition points: - 4 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss of 7 points or less, 1 for scoring 4 or more tries, 0 for a loss of 8 points more.

2.2 If teams are equal seedings will be determined on the results of the games played between the teams concerned on a mini table of competition points.

2.3 If teams are still equal seedings will be determined on the higher(est) points differential, ie: points scored for, less points scored against in the games played between the teams concerned.

2.4 If teams are still equal seedings will be determined on the higher(est) points differential, i.e. the average of points scored for and against in all games played in the competition.

2.5 If teams are still equal the seeding will be by lot (which means a draw “out of the hat”, the first drawn to be the winner, and so on).

In the event of scores being tied at the end of regular time the following conditions will apply:

3.1 After an interval of 2 minutes, extra time consisting of two spells of ten minutes each way will be played (with a two minutes interval between spells). Teams will change ends for each spell as in the normal course of a match.

3.2 If the scores remain tied at the conclusion of the 20 minutes extra time, play will continue in spells up to 10 minutes each way but the first team scoring points will be declared the winner and the match will end.

3.3 Should extra time as prescribed in para 3.1 be required the referee will complete a toss of the coin to determine ends or kick off. Should further extra time be required as prescribed in para 3.2 the referee will complete a further toss of the coin to determine ends/kick off.

In the event of a tie in any of the finals a winner will be decided by applying the formula set out above for semi finals.


Home Team vs Away Team

18th April
HSOB K vs Belfast M

25th April (Anzac Day)
Linwood B vs HSOB K

2nd May
HSOB K vs Shirley W

9th May
HSOB K vs Marist Albion

16th May
HSOB K vs Sydenham S

30th May
Sumner S vs HSOB K

6th June
Christchurch B vs HSOB K

Round Two
13th June
HSOB K vs Linwood B

20th June
Belfast M vs HSOB K

27th June
Shirley W vs HSOB K

4th July
Marist Albion vs HSOB K

11th July
HSOB K vs Christchurch B

18th July
Sydenham S vs HSOB K

25th July
HSOB K vs Sumner S

1st August - Reserve Day

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