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Saturday, 24th March 2018   


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   Saturday, 13 June 2009
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A thank you very much to those who told us with plenty of time to spare that you wouldn't be at the game this weekend (Unit, Uli, Lars, Ping et al), a big thank you to those who came out of retirement to cover those positions (Poodle and Shrek), a huge thank you to those from Division Three who helped fill some gaps (Brett, Jeremy, Arthur, Richard and Omar), an enormous thank you to those who played while injured (Leyts, Poacher and Kearnsey) but most of all a god all mighty where the fuck were you to those who just never turned up at all. What were you doing? Buying clothes at the mall or something?

Trouty offered up words of wisdom to keep things cool and to not talk back to the ref. To play together and support your team mates and to follow through and to keep the ball in hand. A 19-10 first half score proved he was speaking the truth.
We had them in the forwards and we wrapped up the loose ball well so we could feed it to the backs where Bravo scored twice (the second one in dubious circumstances so the ref awarded a penalty

try) and Poacher snuck in for his first of the season.
Another good talking to at half time by everyone and we set off for another 40 minutes of Bollock beating history. Except no one told the Bollocks.
Their half time team talk must have been something special as they carved us up and walked through everyone. Of course, basketball passes and missed tackles and dodgy kicks ahead didn't help our cause either. We came back and were within a gnats balls of retaking the lead, but we just let it slip once again.
Overall though, we didn't just let them waltz around us as we have done in seasons past. We took it to them, but just weren't quite strong enough to punch through. All of those who took the field can be proud of their effort as you all know you gave it 100%.

The beers afterwards, Player of the Day and Thank you very much went down a treat while we watched the French demolish the All Blacks myth.

Next week is a test match up at Sheldon Park, so BE THERE ON THURSDAY TRAINING or let Phil know if you can't make it and if you do have some important magazine or undies purchases to make next Saturday while the rest of us are at the game, please also let Phil know so we can get cover for you.

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   Saturday, 06 June 2009
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Now doesn't that feel much better? Relaxed yet careful rugby. Following the plan, following your natural instincts, taking the time to appreciate the opposition and play to a level that whoops their red and black arse.
Compared to the last couple of weeks where we panicked and reverted to dangerous and ill managed and ill timed passages of play, todays game was controlled and measured and the ball kept in play and not given to the opposition in a willy nilly manner. When the ball was kicked high, or hacked along the ground like a soccer ball, there was skill and direction to it and that was pleasing to see. Scrummaging and general forward play was hard yet not overpowering so as to tire us out. And the backline play came together with grace and skill. I was particularly impressed with the catching of the high balls. Skillful hands prevailed.

Naturally special mention must be made of Toad and his four tries and Josh and his 100% conversion record. Commiserations to Uli and Daz whose tries were disallowed, and that wasn't because Christchurch had 16 men on the field when Daz went for the try line. And who was that in the front row? Boner?

I know much of todays efforts derived from Thursdays training session and we will need another good training run this Thursday if we are to bring our game face to the match against the Bollocks next Saturday. You all know how to play rugby, so let's just go out there and do it, have some fun, enjoy your mates and a few quiet ales afterwards.

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   Sunday, 31 May 2009
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From: Gail Chave [ ]
Sent: Friday, 29 May 2009 2:06 p.m.
Subject: Open Grade Formats as result of Cancellation 23 May

As a result of the cancellation last Saturday 23rd May, the Metro Competitions Committe have made changes to some of the Opeh Grade formats and these are attached. Please ensure your coaches of the affected teams are aware of these changes.

Hopefully there will be no further cancellations and the season will conclude without any further disruption.

Enjoy the long weekend.

6th June
Christchurch B vs HSOB K

Round Two
13th June
HSOB K vs Linwood B

20th June
Belfast M vs HSOB K

27th June
Shirley W vs HSOB K

4th July
Marist Albion vs HSOB K

11th July
HSOB K vs Christchurch B

18th July
Sydenham S vs HSOB K

25th July
HSOB K vs Sumner S

1st August - Reserve Day


   Saturday, 30 May 2009
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I like a good trip to the seaside, i really do, but some Keiths left their sensible shoes at home. Or was that just their sensibilities?
Honestly fellas, sometimes we're our own worst enemy. If we're going to have a wee tanty over something that is past our control then have it in the shed after the game. Hayden said it very eloquently by saying, and I'm paraphrasing now, if you don't turn up to training, and don't turn up to the game or the club then you've abrogated your rights to complain to those who put in the effort. We're a social team made up of a diverse range of players. Not a professional provincial team. We are Keith, we are Rugby. Let's not forget that. Rant over.

Quite literally you couldn't have had a more perfect day for rugby. still, dry and moderate ground conditions. But there's always something to mess up that equation and an inconsistant referee will do it ever time. And I think we lett his inconsistancies affect the manner of our play. For the entire first half we forgot we had a nippy winnger with plenty of go on the blindside, but the moment we discovered

he was there, he dotted down under the posts. Sometimes getting penalised or having lineouts overturned by the ref because of mistaken not straight calls or scrum delays makes us forget that which has made us score tires in the past. Big white forwards too and fro, nippy backs with plenty of go, as the old Keith song goes.
Keep the ball in hand, and fire it out wide. Easier said than down I know, but I'm just talking crap now to fill up space because I'm still seriously under the weather from last night's drinking. Who invented speed rounds anway?

Details here:

Photographs here


   Saturday, 30 May 2009
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Thanks Yvonne for the ride home and thanks to Phil for letting me waffle on during the ride home and thanks to those Keiths who managed to tear themselves away from their ill fitting couches at home and have a beer or seven with the rest of the lads at the club.

I'll do a propper report later when i'm awake.

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